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sanctify Me

Updated: Jun 3, 2020



is the only thing I write

golden but it seems stollen

no, I'm just being a bold man

looking for the low man

who needs a hand

I'll lend you both

so to protect your oath

do you know where I can find a boat

painting layer after layer on this trailer

waiting for a tailor-made boat for my lows

I can go and ride around till I'm found

and drop all the things holding me down

found peace find drowning

I'm lying

I've presently died

to my sight

taken from my shaken

brain tainted by games

taking place in the real thing

fame is for the lames

I'll just be trying to life change

cats take a while to tame

it's more of a relationship that judges everything you do

only remembering the bad things you do

so your cat is God

in a sad sad way, it is true

if only you knew him the way I do

you can see It's literally true

it is metaphysically me

in time we will be The

nothing but me

is this going over you head

I can keep feeding you this

but you are just going brain dead

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