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Say No More

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

you stuck at the golf course

suckin’ on the call for

action reactin' like I‘m slackin'

but I’m just feeding off your reactions

but I’m still looking for your passions

but I’m the next person to take advantage

of my vantage

at me

and you’ll see me on my knees

begging myself please to see

nothing will shape the way you change

because without change life would not be the name

across every face who was saved by another

brother don't go that way farther your self this way

cut off nothing leave everything we hide behind these things

bring me your feelings and shielings I'm in need of a billing

my crimes are chilling can you stand that ceiling

I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact

God has my back but Satan holds my eyes then

this is just a fraction of the reaction step to the collapsing

lies happening around you sound like the fountain of youth

clasping on to you write the wrong truth

which is nothing but you love these governing you

hovering over ever tomb is their doom but soon

there is only doom for you so why should you fight the doom

it can only breathe in this room sucked in like a vacuum

I don't know half of you but look at this ladder dude

isn't it sadder walking with that bad actor

his reactions are tethered by the nights measure

now is my only pleasurer make it ever

so better that in way I could only dream

about beauty in my needs

thirst hunger breath death growth snow

falls on your nose so beautifully close

I just want to hold you

and this is how I stole you

with the trolls who hold my hands close

as a beautiful dose of something you know

we are all we know so leave me in the crows

maybe they will finally eat me I'm probably done by thirty

Kirby where did you come from but you are my son

how can I know what you have become

four in nothing more then a cord strummed by his gun

pretty within this kitty want to get a little filthy

built me to be a sexbot maybe not but you act a lot

did I finally give you a brain clot

stock up on these hot topic stocks

they rising to kill our lighting the beauty in hiding

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