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Updated: Jun 4, 2020


the systemic

liking of my body

that opens my copy

to all that is

made available in my body

sorry to separate my faulty

brain for a haughty claim

but you are the frame

do you need some bait

so you can take

what needs to be made

is what is

no thing with

in this fist

I hold a list

bent on revenge

but with a slight twinge

it turns to braces comin' out your face

tasted like

insane pace

watch his lips

they will lie for him

in the edge, we spin

hoping to win

gripping my trends

take back then

the ending

turning me back to me

holding hands finally

taking our traits


not weakly

more deeply

into a fountain

of youth

group hijinx

look like high-Jinx

plucking on a bass

with tasteless taste

that feels us all

with grace

faith taste different

in a haste

counting on tape

to hold my place

in this bath, I looked

at the ducky

swimming around so fluffy

and thought to my self

am I that lucky

no cause this starts bucking

pulling me back to the thief

who took my king

and made him lead

I'm the king


for demons

eaten at muscle

what is your's

can I borrow its unicycle

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