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send Me the Zone

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

be in stitched to my wrist

hold me together in a kiss

through feathers

I still give to her

my life from under the sorting hat

I through forty track down on a plack

sorting out the bad throw me your code

I'll jump to the most who boast

through ghosts holy as the coast

ripped in hopes I don't see you show

blind I stab at my heart with the arrow I start

fire on coals stoaked in hopes to provoke

entirely scolds the tongue on a small rung

the headlights falling from the one unsprung

wake up spring has come

kings were tugged down by pride in tides

washing out the mind of my

light fire with this spark not unlike your ark

faithless to my start where we all fall apart

and in heart, I scrape by on flawed bars

holding back the power stained to greet

blood in the rafters dripping on laughter

touching no last-place finish hereafter

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