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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

follow now

so you can

and not be stoped by that

tasting like a bat

to the hands

can you get down

you're probably not even around

any more things shining in my dreams

see I'm not too diseased

still bleeding from my feet

like your feast won't cease

only may increase

just for you to see

me breath

among the trees

only hoping in what I can't see

cold motives find my love

dissolving like a soda

just trying to meet a quota

at the end

not setting trends

just following the sins

to the beginning

just to learn we are all pretending

just to find a new dealer

who is trying to control me being bitter

no one wants a happy leader

I'm here to feed her huh

steal for my family huh

no need for my southern ways huh

pulling on my hair huh

reals living off my strains huh

don't fear my life huh

don't call me normal

I fight that word like a bad rash

pulling back because of backlash

ripping my sash

one piece hit my side

streaming pain from my tide

overflowing for the time being

a bitch

taking what I bleed

holding your hand for a friend

disrespecting my struggle

like a muggle

being so sudden

that thinks it finally got nabbed

not quite about my respect for my wound

still standing after a stab

to the lungs

whistling still filled with thistles

billowing miracles

bedding my guitar Bethany

before anyone can think less of me

sorry Casey Anthony

damn drawing pictures of blanks

settling in my desk

I need to get necked

but I'm done being depressed

I will impress

you can take that to the bank

only you won't be thanked

they did that day

grant your wish

for more than you

for the two of us

spinning around

riding my kite in the sky

feelings are inside

dealing with his kind

shinning to bright

Father do I

rely upon heavenly

I'm not trying to sell me

but I'm tired of being jailed two

different halves of the same whole

the all working for the all

you can't do anything about it

you will be dead and gone

when this earth is thrown

into you

making me brand new

stronger than you knew

too strong to be through

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