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SHame ON me

too expensive for your taste

naw we saw it coming a mile away

not to probe the shark

but need some

got it for the low no

more lies

coming with the smashing sit

and take a look

at the sun in my sky

so nice to sigh

take that breath for your own

make it of what you think about

don't think about the last laugh

it never sees my fears

because I'm always sincere

used to be a queer

now that I found my love

I know she's for my dear

but still not feelin' very masculine

knowing I am wading in the deep in

more like I'm the dear

I've been trying to be fine

trying to find the right time

to show you what I decide

no longer a guy

to say what's right and wrong

just sifting through the reasons

for the missing

they never were drifting

they were just listening

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