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Should I Be Here

can't knock it

it's swallowing a locket

that was just in my pocket

oh well, didn't really need it

breaking new walls

see more than I thought

that was what I needed

now I have it

follow me to the party

in my heart

caught before I can start

now we're just here

making us fear

God don't leave me here

I just see the best in people

please don't crucify me

I love the sea

in me

far from all this shame

where I know I belong

to something bigger

something better than fear

suffer then for me seeing clear

not holding on to tears and all those years

bring me back to the ground

I'm tired of this flight

I want to be more upright

sorry for being forthright

I got some fun in mind

now is not the time


when is it time

find a smile growing

you can't deny


because in your heart

you know I am right

promise I didn't forsake my

life for something done right

I am just the sacrifice

before anything is right

its only kill on sight

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