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So You May Understand

I feel like I am cursed

truly confused about what you want from me

if your trying to make sure I’m happy

im ok being a monk living in a monestary

you might think this is a joke

but it is the truth

I could be homeless living in a box

and I would be happy

i have God what else do I need

God is my joy

God is my happiness

God is my hate

God is my fear

God is

God is in the moment

and I just want to sit with it

and live through it as the trials come

If you want to give me advice please do so

I just like to figure it out by my self

I don’t mean to push your help away

but I do it without knowing

so if it’s to much trouble to help me

its ok if you want to just give up trying

I know it takes money to get places

I know God wants me to proclaim

the gospel

to this world through my art

so I’m trying to stay in it as long as possible

but if it looks like thing are unredeemable

I will actually move to a monastery

and devote the rest of my life to studying

the Bible

and God

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