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Sorry for Exposing You

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

don't think I'll be snappin'

forever is only a lier

he knows the end is coming

and it won't be pretty

slip in the nitty-gritty

dignity got me

singing so quietly

don't misuse my loyalty

to the company

that thinks of my bravery

stepping foot in this prideful sanctuary

sealing my life faithfully

give me a reason to disrespect me

and I can tell you are only kind

to the people on your mind

fine by me

at this point

I'm quite carefree

is this why you fear me

sorry for needing you -lessly

I'm only trying to know you better

sacrifice the man who lied

in return

receive a man

who doesn't know how to

follow my how to

be free an see

why Christ died for you

in these places I find myself

nagging on my breath

holding me back

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