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found to be too loud

for your kind smile

is just enough

to get me going

down the path

running beside my eyes

I catch a glimpse at your profile

duck down on my knees

to find out what you need

I already found how much you bleed

surrender to my unforeseen truth

that blinds my ears

to everything but you

sound like death has taken you breath

won't in my case

I'll keep speakin' till

no one is left

all that's left is the one

find out what I mean

take a trip to the drug scene

you are a part of it

even if you don't know it

power down your pounds

so you can be excepted by the trash

for no reason at all

maybe to fill yourself with grief

takes the mind for a ride

when you find I

don't stop to fly

do a fly-by

then look back

at your lies

sounds to me that you are at peace

let go and be at ease

don't really like The Black Eyed Peas

least they taste good

downed about a thousand

now my stomach is poppin'

I would like it if

you keep knockin with

no pot needed

but see that you don't become conceited

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