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Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Clip my walk

see me fall on your hand

carry me to your den

I don’t need that extra ten

I walk in with sin

coughin’ up your son

see him how fun

my bun already cooked

took from the shook

down on my mouth

till it came without sound

an honest sound

still haven’t seen him around

calling me from all around town

Talking back to her

she keeping half of sir

walking off with half of you on her back

track it back home can I find you on a loan

talking about what they own and how they zone

close to the unknown, I walk with my heart

beat the street beside me

vibration from the relations

can ever debate it

but it is unrelated today

Always strive and prosper

for my sake

don’t waste coming at a pace

watch your taste

not the way I waste

eat your paced looking like a chase

no need for the mystery I’m Pulling up history

kissing your infantry

missing for me but watch your empathy

what a symphony

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