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Stress test Highness

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Far from this place

lays the temptations you will face

the pain of thinking a certain way

truth comes with love

hate comes From loving the wrong way

the direction is a question I can't speak or mention

I finish my decent

now time to find my sight thin

lines walk to my lies

say no more my guy

I’m here for the sign

put up by

the man who never hides

shows his weakness even at the deepest

Since of his expense

he loves his wish

for something better

not tethered by our leathers

unweathered by his feathers

please hold my hand so tight

so I don’t slip into the night

I will never fail their


is that not fair

or do you not care

too much for their

underlying layers

who am I speaking of

as you stare

you pronounce a dare

if not me then where

can I find my savior

the one who is their

friend within a layer

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