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Strike Back

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

come to think of it

I'm sitting here listening

and wishing I never found

out what you are all about

will we make it through this drought

of clouds protecting our scalps

it's ok to be burnt for now

moving in and out of doubt

I feel like no one is listening

but then again everyone is

this is a miss


to protect

my neck

from the suns

ray guns

pointed at me

playing dumb

chokin' on my gun

you gave me just for fun

was trying to say gum

but I can only be the son

grunge is fun for the moment

if you have a comment

leave it with my assistant Robin

I need more components

so I can leave a descendent

behind my sin in a prison

meant to be a trash can

this multitude of sons

who lost sight of his tomb

if they did

they must only open their eyes

to find it


I'm not the designer

cause I would have

put the meaning right there

for you to stare

and dare to open your fair

for everyone to come in prayer

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