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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Rough idols

falling down our aisle

Loving files going by the smile

looking at your kind of fall

I see you want to stall

but it doesn’t work at all

I'm running from your title

scared of nothing but the trigger

pulling it faster and quicker

don’t touch the stickers

they‘ll fall off the lips of her

into the mouth of my lover

dub her down south in the fire

running out of wire

pulling out the fighter

he killing

our desire

even if it is syre

my heart is in dire consequences

of the way I sent my hit

through the mouth of it

I still feel your lips

still drives me to your hips

makes me see the eclipse

exploding in a pic

stick in the shift

running down the street

on top of my feet

I take a seat and put them up high

I love that light

beautiful like you

girl, you are in full

relations with my nation

station me in my lace

taste like grape ape

tape on my mouth fate

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