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Swinging in The Rain

pain hits my brain

without a touch of the same

taken by the crane flying by this train

to a world past these chains

So we hold to little things

like the rain running down your face

can I steal a little grace from my girlfriend trace

of beauty in your eyes entices the ugly side

attacking the other guys pride is my insane cry

don’t leave me don’t read me

you will want

to leave me

what a great year to be fifty

lift me to the sky and kiss the feet

of the Christ and the day light on the rise

fighting nothing until I can take you with me

trippy to find a siddhi in the sixties

But do you know the history

It’s like my tipsy friend benny

who fell through the life of a pity

being a love to life I appreciate with

My knees on the floor infront of you four

now there are swords swinging at my core

feminine and masculine energies split me

am I really alive or am I silly

are you gonna make fun of me

can’t you see I’ve never had that luxury

i can’t fit into this misery harmony

going on following my arm seem

get the hell off me

God is all of you

harmin’ the alarm sound

going on in this thong

now I long to be what you see

I farm the beauty of this sorrow in me

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