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Take a Seat

Updated: Apr 8, 2020



we must first run to walk

underneath it all

I still wish for more

than this but that's ok

I'm catching up to The Way

in several places

I find my God right on time

so I fall and stumble and fall and stumble

caught every time by you

my Beloved

your joy overflows from my heart

sincerely trust in the truth

before long

I'll be back smokin' on my tooth

can't be swayed to live any other way

I understand you knew

sail me away

so none can pray

what have you done today

takin' damage from

the man you fades away

so comfortable to lay back against you

your warm touch melts the pain away

far from me, I beg

but you hold my hand tight

drifting back into place

feasting on the peace

that comes with

the misstep of the feet

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