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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

if only till you bleed

through your feet

pushing up a hill

too steep

to leave you

feeling unique

did you call me weak

that's in my way

I was just trying to be meek

so I may inherit the earth

and its massive girth

my heart is beating to beat

maybe I don't need the land and seas

maybe it's ok just being me

without grief, we don't have

that makes it the way

we can't at this moment see

were you talking to me

cause I can't hear

me screaming for something new

in between me and you

so I'm here to prove

nothing is new

maybe even more than the truth

you never hear me speak

only hear me blink

for the chance to think

freely we run in the hills

spinning in the fields

free of the worlds wills

find my real meal cooked over the fire of millions

drowning in the lake of fire

thinking they need to go higher

real they need to correct their desires

seeing this moment a promise to all who wanted

to know him like them

I vote him

I vote her

curve me on the thirtieth of September

I'll stomp back so hard the devil will want to follow

but his knees will deceive his needs

I feel bad for his hands gripping his teeth

his thoughts eat at the world

devouring you and me in a story of reunion

completion of this moment

is what God wanted

couldn't you hear it in his final words

coming back to make me a liar

for he never lets out his fire

he keeps it simmering in his desire

for that which takes my leaf

fed me a breath of clear thinking

crystal visions envision the witness

opens me to new ways of dancing with feelings

spinning through the ceiling

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