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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

my brothers, awaken

can you see the state

of this lost case

tribulation seems to be at every location

deepening the depression

compression of this size

is going to poke a few eyes out

the way

I'm counting my money

on my roof and shiet

before it gets to wet

laid in the clay

pulling at the loose ends frayed away

you hopefully will ever find the end of today

unless you are looking into yesterday

you might catch my lies

tossed into the divide

between you and I

is it just you

is it just me

then it can't be free

trees cover my feet

seeping in my teeth

is it just you

is it just me

then it can't be free

try to put your self there

and take your thirst for death

and put it on the back burner

for the murder of the lovers

is all but over

trees cover my feet

seeping in my teeth

trespass on my lands

you might get some better plans

stand in the light at the unveiling of the sham

I haven't been reborn in at least 2

minutes run by tracking

my time spinning side to side

blowing out the candles

on my bike handles

spinning cycles

eaten 3 or 2 waffles

blue balls on my crawling

maulin' my brother ballin'

stacking that till it falls out the back sawing

off that Benz

not looking at trends

they eat at my mental health

like a cookie on Santa's plate

it's getting a little late

trying not to be too blatant

always blankin' out

spacin' mount the crowd

locking out the home town

hero from the time I've been lending

spending those zeros

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