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Teeth Marks in THE DARK

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

holding me by the throat

she throws me to the ground

I stand to the sound

then she crushes me with her crown

how can I stand her freedom

abusing of the sea winds

she steals my weekends

nothing holding me tighter

tighter than I hold to it

maybe I've let go of too much

is there such a thing

that makes us sing

that can make our hills ring

out of the world stuck behind form

where nothing is form

torn in two because of you

hold me to the sky

I won't disappoint

I am here to anoint

you the man stuck behind his plans

just look at where you stand

and figure out the next step at hand

even planned

the world can't stand

still in the palm of your hand

your surroundings determine

your crowning

you're sounding more and more

like you like this pounding

keeping us in time with certain

places that hold happiness and graces

for anyone who has faith

in yourself and in what you felt

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