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Tell me The Who

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

failed to see your eyes

run from the love I feel tonight

can I let go of this pain

will I ever feel the same

or will I continue to change

till I can’t recognize the suffering

covering every ones thundering

sounds come from the dog pound

making me a home town hero

till the right choice is zero

undefined like Zoro

luffy telling me

to take out our enemies

its a hard job

running these seas

he will be the king of the pirates

but I have my on dreams

seek me and find your bright beam

ultra light like that sight

un seen by those on the right

Taking you with me without a fight

try not to get to high

on the money and pain I bring our team

singing along with the feans

dope is what I bleed

but Jesus still loves me

don’t believe me just read the Bible

you idol

putting yourself above God

that’s the wrong song

I’m singing for all of us

even the devils disguise

can’t touch my light

oh my beautiful Christ

love is my only one

she is as she lives

beautiful in every eye

he is as he lives

glorious in the nights design

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