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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

you call this your best

I feel sorry for the rest

of the blessed

now I'm sounding like a lier

for I don't tire

or care about my attire

I spend my time on the fire

burning in my cold soul

please help me see why I'm sane

and not scolded by your flames

I'm finally learning to breath

you can't take that away from me

now you will see that I'm not so conceded

I'm coming seated on a throne

cross it out with a son

now I'm here

and have come

to become

your world of grains

so vain

still worth every bit of my pain

for my beloved

you are quietly sung

in a hushed tone

sprung into action

by a vibrating string

stitching the fabric

in my time

I'll find the line

that stretches further than minds

can understand the open and closed possibilities

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