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The Slack in the rope

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

few words come to describe your smile

beautiful inspired

size up from the bottom to the top

align my chakra with some Ramon

then stay calm

and fall for too many traps

to let you come back out

safe from all the fire in my faith

come to find out I'm not trying to sap

it just happens in the middle of the gap

drawing my eyes to the thighs

of the pretty lady on my right

looking like some bad advice

in the midsts

of the grips

of a vice

too good to put a price on

other loans coming in soon

need to find where he had gone

the foul who had all her money

she was just unlucky enough

for it not to be me

opportunity showed up on her knees

when a man called for her teeth

this wasn't a small feet

it wasn't very big either

this one had the smell of a wife beater

coming off as ether

the taste was so bitter

causing her to shiver

next to the cold cold river

calling her name

to end her pain

how can she stove off the shame

how will she ever love again

who but you can answer this humble question

looking for fame and praise

for being needy in the windy city

across from the falling towers

filled with powder

sealed with broken bones

cloned to form

what might have been out of the norm

in our nightly storm

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