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the Substance of my Blood

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

why is my future in my past

we are rolling

where did the two

go if it is one in grows

rose holding gold drop

middle of the whole stock

to shake you awake

not to be blank

but renew your bank

statement of blankets

scare sacraments awake

the painting sets the scene

holding the beam exclaims the stream

of conscientious thought ran down and caught

a hook on the hand looking like the pirate pan

come get with

is begging for your hand

fan out the paper looks tapered off in the trap

stomp on the slide

gliding on my ride truest design

purest of the realized

I drop my real eyes

for the feelings serialized

killer feeling few signs

pulled by no mind

he holds his own light

to the feet of me

hard to explain really

drifting at sea

I find we lost our keep


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