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Think about It

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

are you sorry for what you did

probably not

when you can restart

you are the type

of person who comes in to worsen

take away from the children

decide what they're buildin'

why don't you get a job

stop sobbin' on my thought

before I know you're not respected

I know your rejected

by societies standards

set so clear

it is impossible

to be sincere

but have no fear

our God is here

taking back the name love

taking back our hope

showing his might right now

look around and realize he is not

to be understood

keep them in the woods

for if you can understand it

with only a glace

there is definitely more than one

stance on the matters of the sands

filling up my hands

nowhere for it to go but

can you tell me

the right thing without first

sliding me down the hillside

just trying to have a good time

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