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Time to Fight

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Here I am

not backing down

not letting go of my sound

my God that stands with us

Is the same one that makes you blush

Can’t help my lust

ill serve some cold souls

the truth of the

the one

in all of us stands tall

not falling to your own hands

you will live on as it

as attachment slips

you see happiness

is this a test

it’s probably for the best

this ain‘t a joke about your

but they lookin’ blessed

this still isn’t my deaf life

it’s my guess

I will find some death

when I go looking for that meth

class of my own

do you think I love who

no, it has to be you

I can’t even see my face

I must have misplaced your vase

can you forgive me

I hope you can’t

I need more power

the more that comes after me the better

you don’t think I can be clever

eye see sight

as a good home for me

they say I need a comb or three

but I think I like to be a mess

no one knows I can beat in their chest

maybe I’ll stop for a sec

Did you stop just to check

maybe you need to test

the waters are reaching my ankles

while you try to get untangled

I’ll offer you a can of Pringle’s

I take just a single

Now I’m all between the wrinkles

my brain when I turn you insane

spinning between the planes

everyone is the same as your own tongue

words come out but their not yours

you can't change what comes through your pours

creativity is hard to force

but it is an endless force

taking hold of the oldest corps

working for a check

looking all out of sorts

feeling all out of work

It seems to come together

without me being there

can I sit and stare

hope you don't mind the crowd

that I brought with our kind

your not any different you seem to be in a shroud

you won't believe what I found

Here most people fear

but don't run from me

I am the one to stay

breaking my old ways

tasting the safe place

away from all this space

they say I've been lackin

maybe i'm done slackin

I can bring back what happened

no need for a man to come back snappin

I'm just sitting here laughing

blessing the last thing on my mind

came from the love I found in you

God only you know

but no one is still on the low

fall into fast pace beat

repeat the light

show sight as a better fight

stop and thrash the dash

surround and see the glass crash

Into future past

found a better draft

of my book

I took from the last

moment I experienced

was when I found my witness

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