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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I'm beginning to see

that its what you are thinking

that controls your blinking

m just sayin'

bye to all my friends

stuck in the sand covering my land

feel me in your emotions

now I'm holding

to the code in motion

blessed is the crying

for they know what they want

and what they're not

the son is spreading feed

across my blistered feet

tripping on you

is calling me like a billowing

spring forward with all the force in me

to get to you

stuck in a trap that never will let


look back

on everything we've seen

and what we could be

look at what became of the sea

the world takes her seat

on the crest of the moon

that always comes too soon

but never to loom

only to be sung

in the open hills

clear for years

never to near

now comes

the cracking of the seals

soon we'll be without meals

some may denoise my pace

I'm stuck in grace

uno dos tres

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