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To Be Honest

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

We are so closed-minded. We only see what affects us, and we can't see the bigger picture, but for good reason. We were taught not to. If you think the bigger picture is a job or a family, you don't care about the systemic racism in society, you don't care about people dying to Covid, you don't care how separated as living beings we are. Every action seems to be for one's own gain, but if we were to support each other, there would be no need for this.

Imagine different religions meeting every week to have a real discussion about their faiths.

Neither side has to worry about conversion, they would just have an honest discussion, but not just these groups. Republicans and Democrats, maybe if they took the time to get to know each other as human beings, they could see each other's pains and they could see each other's joys. They could even find out why the other person believes that.

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