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Updated: May 6, 2021

I let you inside of me

let it go side thing

ringing in my head

am I in your bed

then snuggle up

we lighting

sparking like the diamonds

hitting each other in my last-ditch effort

to get you to love you

missing the truth but go on through

losing the time we went to smoke

and then we choked on our hopes

to change the world for the better

ever in the past is your ass

let it flow I'm on grows time

like the other guy but I'm up and high

squared like the side of the pie

after a big feast bring me in to eat

deepen the lean

to the point you bleed into my disease

weeping in between the trees

falling back to you

my love and kiss the moment with an open heart

we could do anything

but I let you become everything

I don't want it for I am nothing

but it is coming to resign on top

I rather not be God

for nothing is what we have

being everything is why we fast

blast past your bus after

after you touch my hand to take a stand

For I am nothing but something

knowing everything burns the chains

but they stay attached to the pain

so they can’t see why we change

tainted by the darkest game


it met me on that lingering shame

riding on Jefferson‘s Air Plane to the place you call grace

with mercy on the way from the Hershey

tastings like love and hate

both sides take

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