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Toss up

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

glossed up

for the chance of luck

that never comes to us

plus it ate half your cut

at least show me you're fine

I can't take the time

between us and our last

caught by his thirst

for something less than us

it tastes like evil

hope it doesn't last long

end like a drop from the life

that eats at dice

turning to light

fine with me it ate my sight

before I could eat my low fist

catch your jaw with a gaw

take back by the all

put in my hand without a front font

looking fat as a lap

around the track

tripping into your life lee

now I'm deaf to all

you look less than lend

me a hand so I can destroy

that which take my last life in time

You will be me turning to feet

looking to meat

to eat for the weak

full to the max lapse

around my brain

going through my same text

over and over till I lead you to me bleeding

on your head looking dead

as a mannequin

look I'm taking a look at doubt

through the hands out trout

jumping the pond to reach the back door

open to the life in a dying fresh left death

behind my fender bender

in the middle of the planet

the sender is repeating my defenders

till I blend with the fanatics

looking like addicts

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