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till you are

broken down and hopeless

this has been rattling around

in my brain

since I got out of school

can I just say it's killing my pay

not only that it's changing my sound

and what I have found

is taken back by this fact

I'm open to changing the rules

but they're pretty set

unless you're a foul like me

you have some regrets

not to chase nothing

but to know everything


it makes me so happy

he is so kind to me too

if you maybe saw the good I see

you might realize the bad isn't apparent

but caught somewhere between

fear and death

it can sometimes be so transparent

that you don't think it's good enough

then you see it may take sometime

to tell the parents

I'm speaking truth

behind what you know

trust me I'll find the right fight

to take apart in

nothing but signs leads me to your

design made of twine

I will make you mine

but you're so hard to binned

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