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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

What is wrong with it

the life light of the world

stretching to hold on to the old frame

that sees the same no matter where he came

everything seemed in place

for the time to end and pray

we are just trying to be our selves in a way

following The Way on my knees to beg you to see

God is coming for me

maybe to send me to the roach motel in hell

spending time with people you deem demons

I'll call them friends for the time being

on the line, since I came out the womb

love is untouched by doom

It might amplify the love if I may assume

look they love

they don't dress and acted like this

to fight you

they are here to help you understand

they are the underdogs helping you, my friend

they know how to love without a law

you need to be told to love all

they already knew how to from the start

learn your part

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