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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

let me ease your pain

caress your shame

may I name you glory

no need to come thirsty

drink from my cup

taste the sun under love

hard to save the doves

coming in droves to my toes

feeling thy robes

breathing life into my foes

truly they don't know

where do we go

under rules on my nose

to own the 'I know's

this is grows

that is the utmost

truth living so close to what you know

is not what you show

it is his most expensive dose

trickling down to you

my devoted growth

glowing stands the ghost

faintly I here

the change we need

beckoning at the window of freed-


sown together with the black and white

with less of a fight

more of Gods might

hitting you with a sling an a prayer

banned from the air

blazing like that lake

coming with the gnashing and smashing

clashing like a record break

scratch my itch so I can wet my stick

beaming with a win and a sinking

thinking I'm not on the brink an

maybe at my peak

since the day they pay

for all the same

a mike an Ike in my backpack

liking to my site

It's too sweet

probably give me diabetes

from all the things I've been seeing

bringing the ringing stuck in your string

of thought connected to the one thing that stings

my throat is going harder than choking

on the final joke of you folks

locating all my 'so so's

coughing up Oreos

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