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Updated: Oct 14, 2020


in piles

sufficating please why this agian

ive been trying to see past that for a while

but to think there is anything else is fun

true I didn’t know where we were going to

but we got there faster than I wanted you

but you ran why is that to much for two

stop falling on my open wounds

i can see you want me too

don’t get lost with sue

she‘ll keep you past noon

stephany is still messing with me

but she’s still after the fight in me

That attacks my friends and enemies alike

it hurts me deep inside my mind

i see another sky

looking around I found

The land of beginnings

over flowing with this

river flowing pure silver

it started to quiver

that mans stick figure

don’t worry I’m not one to disfigure

I‘ll rearrange

and find a clever way

to solve this endeavor

never wanted this weight

or to be tethered

I want to be free

please help we

need to fight the idea of they

we are all here today

can we not find a different way

than to separate our ways

all of us

the human race

trust the strength of everyday

even next to death of your love

you are blessed with another day

You say there is nothing after death

I see it as a open ended quest

that never ending filling in my chest

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