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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

feeling the need to run

so not to be fun

but I have a questioning look

feeling less able to see

so jump for glee

you will never grasp the one

take me so I can peel you back and share the son

the one that is bright with light

the one who is humbled

to fight

for what they decide is following light

seeing only a blur that might be right

fumble the gun before long they'll see red shining out the sun

creep through the sea of subconscious blame

call me back to when we were young

strung out of place

so to say

none may fray

although I see grey

you blessed me with shame

can we grow what we mow

can we share what we grow

who's to say really

unapologetic for feeling

unconscious for kneeling

he is here

now more than ever

lesser evils prey on our deals

seal our lips

show us everything

show us need

power of deed

feel your heartache for GOD

drop before the three

drawing to close

only in you be me

be GOD for me

you will see you can't be three till you see me

undefined by the duality

but found in a single


through a blink

feel my beat

understand my seat

below my sheets covered neatly

fill my teeth in your green scene

tearing apart free

Grace to you my brother

you may only be in the street

not to be abrupt

but see

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