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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

feeling lost but found

in the land of downtown

taking my hands for a dance

tragic time to be allowed to

sound like the race is on

I'll find you again one day

maybe tomorrow

you seem bothered

is there a problem to be offered

remind me why again

so their you are

always caving in

under pressures of the wars

don't step to my world

is collapsing and crafting a new

boat to float on

and land on the shore

running down the sword

of all that ever was

trust me

I don't know what I'm talking about

it's hard to talk about

but it always comes out

how can I get Roundabout

don't crash into my laugh

hit it like you laughing

funny stories

run it to your bottom

say hey to your falling

you think I'm cold to

the touch

it might be a loss

but come back to me

see you don't have anywhere

to be

hopin' for a difference

come at you sound like you know something

I know it ain't a problem for you

find I'm still the same

running into your tumbling

run it through my heart

find I'm still standing

no need for my lies

fall behind

find I'm not a career

only a fucking beer

throw one over you

find that I'm tricky

not a filthy being

a real one

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