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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

called all

got its machine

fuck all your teams

we are all human beings

this is teaming with life

being here now

without getting caught

looking for someone to take fault

no one taught

I took notes like it was study hall

back then we were all

but that

made up the rest of my fat

stored in my love handles

living in you in shambles

well now that got me rambling

wishing I was this being

that no one is seeing

one is creeping

back to none

I want to have a little fun

before we return to dust

even though

that might be the best of us

this will remember what it's done

not even on the run

will I carry a gun

pass it down to my son

does it defend me

why don't you come and see

my son

claiming it is finished

covered in linen

this broke free of the grave

and on that day

the truth was made

out of what they left behind

the lines is the God-Head

three in one

we're just having lunch

speaking in tongues

now you see this is my gun

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