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Video Game as Art

(here is a short writing on video games that I wrote in college)

Michael Taylor

Mrs. Cooley

English 101

10 August 2016

Imagine a world where flying on a spaceship is not only possible but a normal part of life. This world has entire galaxies to explore! Maybe there is a planet out there that has two suns so you can watch a double sunset. This place not only exists but is coming to stores soon in the form of a video game. Now to most people video games are a distraction that rots brain cells. This is far from true. Video games are not only beautiful and captivating, but it can also separate people from reality some would call this art. Are video games art form or are they mind rotting distractions?

Now people are thinking that “videogames are fun, not art.” Yeah maybe in the 1980s, but now “They are arguably an art or sister art of the moving image, specifically, a form of digital animation.” (Aaron Smuts 2005). This quote makes a huge point, Thousands and thousands of people consider movies as art, and with the latest animation technology distinguishing fake from real is almost impossible. Video games these days also have really in-depth and thought-provoking storylines.

Not all video game has a great quality of animation. Some might just be a thought provoking guilt trip. There is a game where the player is an asteroid in space heading to earth, and then the player meets another asteroid, then they fall in love with each other, and in the end the player must decide to destroy the earth or save the asteroid they love. Once it is over there is a poll that reads sixty percent and forty percent. Above the pole are some words that read. Love is greater than your humanity. Now if that does not send shivers down spines, then what will. Is this not what art is. A painting that is abstract and gets a meaningful point across, is most of the artwork out there.

Video games have developed so much in the last ten years that it is hard to believe where it started. In the beginning, there only was coders that were bored so they decided to make a game. Michael Mirasol’s thoughts are that video games have evolved significantly past its creators(2011). The old video games now are considered art just as cave paintings are considered art. The old video games are more like historical art much like the first car or first plane. Like said earlier graphics do not matter, but the story behind video games does. The storytelling aspect of video games has grown so much overtime that video games could be considered an interactive movie.

Now put this all together video games are art without a question. Life has been drastically changed by the art side of video games. Video games have been legally recognized as art now bases on the legalization of movies and animations before video games. Having interactive art might be the new future of “real” art. Kids may beg and plead so they can go to the opening of an art museum as opposed to groaning every time someone mentions art. Video games are the art of the future.

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