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What do You care About

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

singing in the rain

all I get is shame

all you get is pain

same old thing new tie

run it back and see the lies

if only you could see the sky

look in my eyes

don't fear your own reflection

settle for perfection

which only seems to be a rejection

sorry for the questions

I was just wondering if you had the time

for now, let us sail

across to only fail

what a loss

I'm that soft

no one knows it is my fault

because I may get caught

falling for you my beloved

I love you

trust me I've tried to do anything but

you've comforted me when I cry

you provide me food

you have taught me everything I know

you are so beautiful

but so flawed

feel it in every breath

see him in a hum

unsung in your lungs

for he loves

as does she

nothing stopping me

sing along with me

feeling lonely

in a caravan ran

into a man

and found what he saw

was a friend

not to be taken lightly

was I too abrupt

confront yourself with another left

see what I mean it is just a glance away

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