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What If I Try

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I'm done going easy on you

took my faith

disgraced my tastes

trashed my take

you don't even know what I'm about to make

hope I make a couple enemies out of that enemy

tossing that sin in the hole where it belongs

come see whos wrong

or do you just want to talk shiet on my back

cause you know if I heard it would be redacted

from your mouth begging m e to not freak out

and kill a bitch right now

too late you already looking dead

the lead damaged brain is what you hold to names

eating at the track following my tactics

till I'm sacking the quarterback's wack bitch in the side pull

that colt up and pull it on me I want to see you bleed

from the lip poppin' on your teeth

sheath that anger with peace

love your neighbor as your self

and no one else

truth be told it gets old beating on people with no goals

but I'm trying to make you see gold

before I get too bold I'll give you a squeeze and a tease

twisting you in your seat

you want to meet after the show

when everything is hanging low

life looking like a glow

love looking to the ho touching on my blow


don't go for me

I'm broken unable to do nothin'

broken like I'm chokin' I can't get through the gaggin'

in the back of the cab laughin' at the Gatlin'

pointed right at my naggin mouth

talkin' all this shiet about

the left behind

see that time is in line to do right by Our kind

trying to not die before it's time

that counts your worth

it can't get much worse

riding down the block in a hearse

life is harsh

killers in the marsh

tracking down that car

parked far from the fruit stand

so some may find the light in the night

hard to see it's so bright

hides in plain sight

controlling our fight

quite a lie

not to make you cry

but we're with tears and queers

we're on the way stitching gears

making them twitch and glitch

switching to a better day

far from these things

a place where we all can sing

and have fun in the sun

burning what I've done

call all my blows

thrown at you

with half a to-to

going a little coo-coo

blue blue

how I'm feeling in this place

just go ahead and spray me with mase

so I can see again in a new way

through waves, I take my gaze

on this world full of disgrace

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