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Where to Die

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

say it with a straight face

me when you have opinions

no drip needed

feans starting to bleed a bit

does anyone know fame

or is it just the same

pulling against my brain

too bad I'm not used to the pain

I'll get there with claims

I see why you came

to take back my name

so not to sound the alarms

but we are catching the tail

of the one in my place

find no disgrace

only a wholesome taste

that leaves you fakin'

set before you were ready

my fault bab'

don't slip in my tears

I'll never come to tame

this in the middle of my fist

ripping apart my knuckles

to catch a glimpse of the mist

dripping from my chest

knowing what's next

I've come to manifest

the one in the dust

made out of us

crush the must

we need only

or am I just phony

you don't know Tommy

let me introduce you to his hommies

picking his pockets clean

sparkling evenly

through his pants to his shoes

begging for you

don't leave him in a hole

coated in saws

you don't believe me

I'm into you more than soon

more like by noon

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