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White ouch

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Stout lookin’ Out

up on the fountain

youth ending soon

then it vrooms

doom lose the toes

stand on my nose

watch the Pros low

hold down the snow

close to the heart

crows pull me to your garage

hold on to the crutch

you’ll hold your own touch

such beat in the heart seat

cut through my broken heart

toke me you’ll feel my teeth

walkin’ on my Pete

send him to the sea

lava underneath me

made my bed in hell

so I could smell your

follow me to the pale

horse riding to the right beam

fight the leak coming from my field

build me a take that will break your pace

running till I find our ace

cased in this chase

death be the place

ends our haste

slows our bass

watch the mace

coming in my eyes race

don’t let them catch you in the place

high as a craze lookin’ at a phase

girl we are running out of time to create

a new kinda praised you ain’t amazed

it’s the same thing every day

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