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Updated: Dec 23, 2020


more beautiful

it is for you to decide

what eats your time

running out

of place

I'm still cursed to wish

for the better

for the worst

for the life in you to be remade

into something great

but if you turn on yourself

don't let me get in your way

what a bad attitude to have

but baby we are too late

to ever escape that pain

I can't answer for it

I may only state it

but it still remains unexplained

but it still tasted like grace

but we still walk on to a lane

unable to maintain

the contact with pain

everything I grip too slips through my hands

like the sands

run from this plan

you will only see what we face

I hate to use we in this place

for I mean everything

contacting something heavy

2 heavy

drop your expectations nothing is the same

as it was yesterday

left my body every day

to return to this place

and all of its tangling falling

on my wrist

there is no escape

here is the only place

we breathe and say

every person has faith

but I am

quite delusional

holes in my chest from love at its best

I have to say that is perfect

but only when misused

lost to his name

lost to her pain

this is why I grip to death with hope

for some rest from everything

swimming in nothing

till I'm reborn as suffering

into my self

I walk

never knowing the time to talk

you wouldn't want to know what I bought

down the street

I got caught

but at the moment I saw

nothing but things to grip to

now I love it

the purity in pitch black

is matched by lights purity

they chase the other in spite

neither stoping to fight

just loving the purity

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