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writing to my Love

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

you look too beautiful

It'll turn me into a fool

the love I have for you

hits me too true

I just want to hold you

closer to me than any other rosary

for you bring me back to God

your love for me is held in the highest degree

stand on me and I'll hold you above all of the seas

floating on the love we keep

It is nothing but me and you girl

but you got me twisted up with the world

so I'm struggling to find you girl

my perfect day is with you girl

to perfect to be in this pain

what can I do

to protect you from this thing

can I sing a song to see you smile

in a while, we can hold hands

and walk down the valley of death

going through the middle of this land

never will I let go of your hand

for no one can be more important than you

when my life comes to an end

I want you there beside me still my best friend

even after death our love will never be pinned down

goes everyone who stands against us

for they can’t defeat the love between us

if you have to break my heart

please kill me before you start

I’m not worried about this part

I can give my heart away until I fall apart

it‘ll just make for better art

that's what it is all for

a moment of pure love for another

but letting go of it if it can’t go further

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