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Yeah Baby

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

loose could be a noose

if you don't want that

feels me with happiness

I can't relate

it is a debate

wondering about the sand

spinning in my hand

looking like a Rasengan aimed at the lands

that takes my plans and eats a band

funk pumping up my ego

sliding like a tree shifting thing

making them seem damned

new they just ain't a fan

looking for others with their knees bowed

you don't even know

just showing how to create a disaster

splitting you either now or after

you find out I'm high and lovely

traped in the motion of the ocean

slowing till it is broken beneath the peace

floating on top of the waves

crashing so they may save

the oneness holding me to you my wish

for a better life leaves me wishy-washy

a better life is already here now

open to the boldface of expression

not really looking for recognition

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