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You Angry

How beautiful

to find the energy of aggression

it comes in succession

pulling you to a single place

why so hateful

anger is delightful

unless you just spiteful

too full to see yourself sufferin’

it becomes a wonderin’

trying to blame that hungerin’

for self-clarity

infinitely perplexing

but you end up decking a bitch

that shiet happens in a flinch

no one knows when it’ll hit

but my anger is a switch

that bitch will make it flip

I‘ll look at that bitch

then give ‘em a life in it

slowly letting go of their beauty

that I missed

coming through the mist

It‘s hard to tell a hand from a fist

duck before you get hit

but oh shiet that was a hand trying to help

well if you can’t live with the hand you dealt

just remember what melts

ice as it is felt

the energy from the man

melting into the land

under sands

her beauty can dance

and puts me in a trance

calm enough to prance on coal

glowing gold

hold to your souls

the devil is out in droves

but I love him tho

throwing myself to my knees I bleed

screaming it’s a sacrifice for the

beat of my heart

only connects these little maids

dressed all in the best way

enough for me anyway

the robes stuck to my coat

are choking me into another note

holding on to what I do not know

don’t follow to close

you'll lose an eye to this hoax

folks I’m here to say I hold

you as a love

but if you're done I get it

it’s hard to bear it

that pain shackled to my waist

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