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You Can't See Why I'm on My Knees

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

thrash me good

let me be away

from this

so I can see through the mist

coating my throat

who are you

I am here

halfway between she and he

don't get the wrong idea

I'm not in a transition

I'm here wishin'

someone can understand how I'm feelin'

not a boy, not a girl

I'm human looking for a company

that won't make me feel less than I am

more of a harmony than a person

sound in my veins gives me a beat to dance

feeling my plans come true

feeling my plans hum a tune

that feels like a song so new

free me up to know who

came to take me down a notch

feel emotion take over life

only to fail to flatter

in the wake of the disaster

you'll know why this matters

no need to go faster

just make it better

tether my heart to music

being pulled the way you want

not the way

turn back

I am full

I sing with my heart

bleeding into my frame

strung up the shame

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