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You Know, Back When I was Two

Updated: May 26, 2020

I do

we were sippin' blue

comin' to

find you've been gone

to long

it's all a song

too bad

it's too long to be known

as a skata'

it just takes my place ha

in this time and space ha

I Am nothing to waste ha

it's my love and doves

take over the sky

making me give you the kite

the string is to tight on my neck

can you get me a sec

from the back of your car

slack in the line

beckoning your rise

to meet you are truly alive

after totaling that car hard

maybe we should spare

we can just go get some scares

and have those girls like damn

now I'm about to slam

that glass

till my hand is gashed

slinging blood on my bitch

thinking I'm sick

naw she was a witch

from the middle of the bowl

too cloudy to see the dent

from your spit on my lips

giving your fist a kiss

to explain the gist

I just took a hit

missed my chance to love

so the world makes up for it in gloves

wrapping around my feet

making me fall on the beach

through the sand

I find my lands

covered in damns

holding the flow

so we don't break a toe

I'll break these hos

tripping on clothes


they are missing something

they are only missing nothing

it ain't that hard to tell I Am bucking


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