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You’re So Good

Updated: May 22, 2020

Too bad it doesn't count

you've been warned

I’ll mount you like a cow-girl

you won’t be able to last long

I’ll make sure of that

This moment will not pass me by

I'll stand defined by my height

in a life of laughs and gaffs

will equal this with a goof attached

it won't show my way

till we drift towards haste

instead of faith

it has no place in this world

which is all but the same

vanishing without a trace

sticking to the case

of the missing grace

all my hopes are gone

I don't mean to gloat

but are you into goats

they seem so close

I don't think you know

that dude about to over-does

soon we come in droves

to this grows toast

covered in your mamma's toe jam

from the bottom of the damn

murky at the taste test

blessing the lips of the one fresh

piece left of that

heard of small birds

thirsting for thirst

turns to a kick for the third

time my sigh comes through my eyes

trying not to lie it just slips out

then back into doubt

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