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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

back on tracks

runnin' down the train

to get to further planes

same old brain calling out your game

funny to name my ways

but when I do life stand on hold

I don't know

if you wise you don't either

have a fever worse than Ceaser's death

clef palate making my paint pallet an inlet

from all this food that gots to be wet

fed up with all these taste tests

keep watching as I commonly walk

talk a big talk but where is the chalk

it always seems to be my fault

when the picture comes out indifferent

I stand here with my witness

taking in all the infants

they are my love

that runs from the lust

eating at my brain like rust

Love is all of us

can't be healed through fear

we will win this war with

the love they provide

isn't enough some times to describe

the end of time

running through my mine

twice as much fun when it comes with a gun

melting in the light of the son

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