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You should Never Argue with a Crazy Mind

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Back when I saw Sarah

in the back

holding hands with jack

my life started to grow slack

crying for what I had

taken by the past

feelings of nostalgia

never last

but now I see the silver lining

brighter is the shining

then seventy bolts of lightning

you might think the dark is frightening

but it is in our hearts guiding

out lining the silver lining

this is hard work

this finding

it seems to never settle

what is hiding

the fun is designing

what ever idea coming

out your head it came running

the idea of something

was it something funny honey

hello my name is sunny I do like my eggs a little runny

why you hating dummy

he the only one to bring you something

what was that sound coming

from the door closed

to the door open

why are you running

through my head everyday

the pain I caused doesn’t go away

am I supposed to like it this way

the way is broken and destroyed

But you think I’m annoyed

I’ll move on even if I die

then I could finally rest in time

escaping this life

is not my goal

I want to enlighten

this world drifting towards nothing

looking for change

but it is in a constant state

will this world ever be ok

it seems we just want to waste

our time turning to dust

when we walk through the gates

at the end of our fate

trust not what you would forsake

love what it takes

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